Christos Papalekas

CBT/REBT/EMDR Psychotherapist

The Priory Hospital Hayes Grove (staff)

Priory Wellbeing Centre, Fenchurch London (visiting)

Prestons Road

Location telephone: 020 8462 7722

Location email:

Secretary name: Claire Wiseman

Consultant telephone: 020 8462 7722

Consultant email:

Christos Papalekas

Christos Papalekas is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist having background in psychology, he can help explore and process emotional difficulties that might be preventing you from having the quality of life you want. 

Christos can guide you to develop cognitive, emotional and behavioural strategies that will contribute towards preventing any further psychological problems as well as being more positive. You will be encouraged to explore both intrinsic and interpersonal problems and to develop new behavioral skills.
Psychotherapy is a process which is based on empathy, unconditional acceptance and understanding in a safe and confidential environment.

Bsc Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma Psychology, Certificate Counselling, Msc Sociology, Msc Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Diploma EMDR, Certificate Psychodrama