Daniela Avalos Gonzalez

Clinical Psychologist

Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch Street, London (staff)

Priory Hospital Roehampton - London (visiting)

150-152 Fenchurch Street

Location telephone: 0207 398 0008

Location email: fenchurch@priorygroup.com

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Daniela Avalos Gonzalez

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Daniela is a Clinical Psychologist with professional experience on a range of mental health disorders and conditions. For over 14 years she has been developing her practice in the private and public sectors, especially in Spain and UK.

After finishing her psychology degree in Argentina alongside further training in psychodiagnosis and psychoanalysis, Daniela relocated to Spain to complete her postgraduate and master degrees, starting her professional practice in 2003.

Daniela worked with children, adolescent and adults, both individual and group settings, in addition to delivering supportive psychotherapy for women suffering domestic violence at a specialised public service, conducting research in that area, as well as workshops with the community.

She moved to London in 2012, enhancing expertise in eating disorders, besides other mental health difficulties applying different psychological approaches. She then joined the International Forum of the Lacanian field in London and had also some experience working in primary care at a GP practice.

Currently, Daniela delivers psychotherapy and psychological assessments with adults, adolescents and children at the Roehampton Priory Hospital and Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch Street, alongside with her private practice. She works with patients experiencing eating disorders as well as different relational and emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, autism, obsessive compulsive, and adjustment disorders, aiming to deliver the best possible care according to the particular individual needs.

Daniela continues her training and professional development, and strongly believes the psychological therapeutic role involves a non-judgemental, empathic, respectful and ethical approach.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Catalan

BPS Chartered Psychologist Clinical division

HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist

EFPA EuroPsy Expertise in Psychotherapy

Member of the International Forum of the Lacanian Field in London