Dr Caroline Bradley

Medical Director & Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

The Priory Hospital Middleton St George (staff)

Middleton St George
County Durham

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Secretary name: Tracy Harris

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Dr Caroline Bradley

Dr Bradley qualified as a doctor in 1985, having trained at the Royal Free Hospital in London. she spent the next three years working in general medicine and neurology and became a member of the Royal College of Physicians in 1988. Dr Bradley then trained in psychiatry and became a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1994. During her psychiatric training she undertook two periods of full-time research at the University Department of Psychiatry in Oxford, and undertook the Diploma in Forensic Psychiatry from the Institute of Psychiatry, London. Dr Bradley completed her training in Forensic Psychiatry in 1999 and has worked as a consultant since then.

As a consultant Dr Bradley has worked at all levels of security, including high security and community forensic psychiatry.  Since 2004 she has specialised in the assessment and treatment of Personality Disorder. Her current role at Priory MSG involves consultant duties for the female services on two locked rehabilitation wards.  Dr Bradley is also currently Acting medical Director for Priory MSG.

  • Long-standing interest in personality disorder and much of Caroline’s career in Forensic Psychiatry has been in PD services  
  • Part of Caroline’s clinical training in Oxford included placements at Grendon Therapeutic prison and the young male Personality Disorder service at Broadmoor 
  • Attended the two-year Diploma in Forensic Psychiatry course at the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital  
  • First consultant post was in medium security in Hampshire. Caroline was also a visiting psychiatrist to HMP Albany; which at that time was a segregated sex offender prison with a significant population of personality disordered inmates. During this period Caroline did numerous Lifer assessments and worked with Inreach to refer several patients to PD services in Maximum Security 
  • In early 2004 Caroline moved to the Rampton Hospital Personality Disorder Directorate  
  • Over the past decade Caroline has had extensive experience of PD patients as an independent expert in prison law and MHT proceedings
  • Caroline’s experience in managing PD patients (in settings as diverse as prison, maximum security, and the community) has led her to believe that there are certain essential criteria for a successful PD service, these include:
  1. well-trained staff with effective supervision structures
  2. a culture of openness and clear and consistent boundaries
  3. full MDT working, with (as a minimum) medical, nursing, psychology, social work, and OT members as the core
  4. individualised care programmes with clear and measurable therapeutic objectives devised by the MDT and the patient working together
  5. ward and hospital regime that allows for a full structured day of activity
  6. identification of a treatment pathway and exit route
  7. robust and regularly-reviewed MDT risk assessment
  8. judicious use of leave

MBBS MRCP MRCPsych Diploma Forensic Psychiatry