Dr Hema Ananth

Old Age and General Adult Consultant Psychiatrist

Priory Hospital North London (staff)

Grovelands House
The Bourne
N14 6RA

Location telephone: 020 8882 8191

Location email: northlondon@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: Martina Mitchell

Consultant telephone: 020 8920 5616

Consultant email: martinamitchell@priorygroup.com

Dr Hema Ananth

Hema qualified from UCL in 1995 and has now been established as a Consultant Psychiatrist for 12 years. She completed her Psychiatric training on the Royal Free Training Scheme. Hema was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2012 for my contribution to Psychiatry and her NHS work is in Hertfordshire, where she is the lead for the local Memory Service. This involves close work with the Alzheimer’s Society, with whom she has been involved in a voluntary capacity. Hema is the Chair of the Herts Old Age Psychiatry Group and also sit on the Ethics Executive. She has been involved in private practice for 10 years.

Hema is actively involved in Medical Education of Junior Doctors and a Tutor and enrolled in a Masters in Medical Education. She was elected Secretary of the Psychiatry Council at The Royal Society of Medicine where she promotes Psychiatry and give input into conferences. Hema has previously been on the Liaison Faculty and Women in Psychiatry Group at The Royal College of Psychiatrists and remain an active member of the Old Age Faculty.

Hema is experienced in undertaking routine and complex capacity assessments for legal documents, including testamentary capacity. 


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  • Invited speaker at Marie Curie Research and Development Conference 2002, 2005 and St George’s Hospital 2002.

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  • Poster presentation at International Schizophrenia Conference, Davos 2002.

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  • Currently collaborating with Research & development team looking into category-specific object naming in dementia: Category-Specific Object Naming in Dementia of Probable Alzheimer Type: naming pictures of living and non-living things, actively recruit for DENDRON.

  • Posters at Royal College of Psychiatrists: 2012 Prevalence of Depression in non-referred patients in the General Hospital, 2015 Eating Disorders in the Elderly and Developing a Template for GP letters following a Memory Clinic Assessment