Dr James Woolley

Consultant Psychiatrist - Adult

Priory Hospital Roehampton - London (staff)

Priory Lane
SW15 5JJ

Location telephone: 020 8876 8261

Location email: roehampton@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: -

Consultant telephone: 0208 876 8261

Consultant email: roehampton@priorygroup.com

Dr James Woolley

Current appointments:

  • Springfield University hospital, South West London and St. Georges NHS Trust
  • St Anthony’s Hospital, Surrey

Previous appointments:

Postgraduate training in Psychiatry

  • Maudsley Hospital, London
  • Institute of Psychiatry, London
  • Kings College Hospital, London
  • Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton
  • National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, London
  • Royal Bethlem Hospital, London

Postgraduate training in General Medicine

  • Royal Free Hospital, London
  • Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow
  • Ealing Hospital, London

Additional psychiatry experience at Rozelle and Rivendell Hospitals, University of Sydney, Australia.


  • Medicolegal Bond Solon expert witness report writing training (2007)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Institute of Psychiatry, London (2006)
  • Registered for PhD, University of London (2004)
  • Certificate in Psychopharmacology (British Association of Psychopharmacology) (2003)
  • Approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act by the Department of Health (2002 & 2007)
  • Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (2001)
  • Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (2000)
  • General Medical Council – Full Registration (1997)
  • Medical degree (MB BS) St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial College, University of London (1996)
  • Psychology degree BSc (Hons) – University College London (1995)

Research and publications:

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    British Journal of Psychiatry. 2009;194(1):25-33.

Outpatient clinics:

  • St Anthony’s Hospital, London Road, North Cheam, Surrey, SM3 9DW. (Monday AM)
  • The Priory Hospital Roehampton (Monday PM, Friday all day)

BSc (Hons), MBBS, MRCP, MRCPsych, PGDip (CBT)