Dr Joanne Ross

Occupational Therapy Consultant

Priory Wellbeing Centre Canterbury (staff)

92B Broad Street

Location telephone: 01227 452 171

Location email: canterbury@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: -

Consultant telephone: 01227 452171

Consultant email: canterbury@priorygroup.com

Dr Joanne Ross

Dr Ross has over 25 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist. With a respectful and supportive approach, she provides comprehensive assessments and personalised therapy programmes. Aims to help improve functioning and well-being in everyday activities at home, school and work. Offers practical advice and coping strategies.  Individual, family and group interventions. Extensive post-graduate training in neuro-diversity. Director of Strategic Research and Development at the Sensory Integration Network. Author of Occupational Therapy and Vocational Rehabilitation (Wiley 2008).

BSc (OT) Hons, MSc in Advanced Practice of OT, PhD in Allied Health Professions Studies.