Dr Maria Gutierrez-Ros

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

The Priory Hospital Hayes Grove (staff)

The Priory Hospital Ticehurst House (staff)

The Priory Hospital Ticehurst House (visiting)

East Sussex

Location telephone: 01580 200 391

Location email: ticehurst@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: N/A

Consultant telephone: N/A

Consultant email: N/A

Dr Maria Gutierrez-Ros

Dr Gutierrez-Ros is highly skilled in delivering effective evidence-based and formulation driven psychological interventions for adolescents and adults 16 years and over.  

Dr Gutierrez-Ros's  area of specialism is CBT and Third Wave psychological approaches such as ACT and Mindfulness based CBT, for the treatment of the conditions outlined below.


  • BSc in Clinical Psychology
  • Diploma in Behavioural Therapy
  • MSc in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology 
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology