Dr Max Zoettl

Consultant Psychiatrist - Adult

Priory Wellbeing Centre Canterbury (visiting)

92B Broad Street

Location telephone: 01227 452 171

Location email: canterbury@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: The Priory Clinic

Consultant telephone: 01227 452171

Consultant email: canterbury@priorygroup.com

Dr Max Zoettl

Dr Max Zöttl obtained his medical qualification in Freiburg, one of Germany’s premier medical faculties. He trained as a psychiatrist in Hamburg and Klingenmünster and as a psychotherapist at the Institute of Clinical Behavioural Therapy and the Heidelberg Psychodynamic Curriculum. In Klingenmünster he set up a pioneering treatment centre for opiate detoxification that went beyond relying mostly on medication and introduced the use of acupuncture, physiotherapy, aromatherapy and psychosocial interventions. He worked in a small mental health unit of a general hospital as well as in a large psychiatric hospital including a forensic wing. There he integrated psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic approaches and studied the forensic implications of Adult ADHD. 

In 2006 he accepted a post as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS and the first Early Intervention in Psychosis Consultant in Kent. In 2008 he became the Clinical Lead for Early Intervention and Rehabilitation Services in East Kent. In 2010 he was chosen as one of the Early Intervention in Psychosis Leads for the South East of England.

Since 2012 he has been concentrating exclusively on his private practice. This has given him time to further develop his special interests:

Anxiety and depression: These are the most common kinds of mental problems. NHS guidelines say treatment should be by the GP, avoiding referrals to NHS psychiatrists. In reality, GP’s constraints on time and resources will mean going private is the best way to get specialist help for your individual problems at the time you need it.

Addiction: Dr Zöttl will see you at short notice and help you to take the first steps towards recovery from alcoholism, drug use and other addictions. If necessary, he can help you to find the right place for detoxification and rehabilitation.

Adult ADHD: Dr Zöttl was one of the first psychiatrists to introduce QB Test to the UK. Using a computer and digital camera system this is a neuropsychological test that measures and visualizes both hyperactivity and attention problems. This helps to reach an objective diagnosis and optimize treatment. 

Obesity: The obesity epidemic may the greatest health challenge today. Psychological factors such as low self esteem, stress and boredom and mood disorders such as depression or anxiety can be triggers for overeating and weight gain. Dr Zöttl uses a holistic approach that will help you improve both your physical and mental well being.

Work place stress and occupational mental health: Work is where we spend most of our waking hours on most days of the week. Over time, work that was once rewarding and fulfilling can become a major factor damaging our mental health. Dr Zöttl will help you find the right treatment, make those important decisions and regain your strength and resilience.

“Psychiatry needs to be accessible. With my expertise in psychiatry and psychotherapy, I practise a holistic approach that integrates medication, talking therapy and lifestyle interventions. This is not just about acute treatment of symptoms but also about learning how to overcome past and present difficulties and lead a healthy and emotionally balanced life.” 

Medical State Exam (Germany)

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist (Germany)