Dr Najmeldeen Al-Falahe

Consultant Psychiatrist - Adult

Priory Hospital Roehampton - London (staff)

Priory Lane
SW15 5JJ

Location telephone: 020 8876 8261

Location email: roehampton@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: Tina Osbourne

Consultant telephone: 020 8392 4272

Consultant email: tinaosbourne@priorygroup.com

Dr Najmeldeen Al-Falahe

Dr Al-Falahe is a Neurophysiologist and Psychiatrist and he adopts integrated neuropsychiatric approach to the treatment.

  • Work Philosophy: His work is centered around you. He aims to help with issues surrounding your life style and interpersonal relationships. His philosophy is to listen in depth to your story then address medical, interpersonal, behavioral, dietary/nutritional and psychosocial matters.
  • Understanding you: To gain a complete picture of your personal situation, he will need to enquire about issues surrounding your family, work and interaction with the community. Due to the sensitive issues that may arise from these consultations, he would like to stress that he considers confidentiality to be an imperative part of our care.
  • The success: his detailed approach to patient care, where he considers the patients biological, psychological and social need is directly reflected in the clinic’s success. His aim is to empower you to contribute to your own recovery.

Special interest
Dr Al-Falahe is interested in the impact of stress on wellbeing. Usually it is the cause of anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It can also triggers hypomanic and manic episodes. The holistic approach helped Dr Al-Falahe to deal with psychosomatic effectively. Other specialism include anger management, memory impairment and concentration difficulties.

Training and Previous Appointments
Dr Al-Falahe has extensive experience in basic research, applied research and four clinical settings in medicine: family medicine, neurology, neurophysiology and psychiatry. He is an expert in the impact of human behaviour on changes in brain activity. He qualified as a doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Baghdad University. Thereafter he worked in family medicine.

He started his research in Sweden and presented his PhD thesis 1990 in Brain Perception during Learning. He specialised in Psychiatry at Huddinge Hospital which is part of the Nobel institute (1998).

He worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist since 1999 and had the following positions: Consultant at a world-leading centre for Bipolar Affective Disorders, Stockholm, Sweden 2000-2002 and Honorary Consultant at the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, 2002. Dr Al-Falahe practiced as a lead consultant for a multidisciplinary team at St George’s University Hospital, London since 2003. Dr Al-Falahe speaks fluent Arabic, English and Swedish.

MB ChB, Ph D, Swedish Board of Psychiatry