Dr Rick Driscoll

Consultant Forensic and Rehabilitation Psychiatrist - Secure

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Secretary name: Wendy Tribe

Consultant telephone: 01635 273890

Consultant email: wendytribe@priorygroup.com

Dr Rick Driscoll


Dr Rick Driscoll is Medical Director and Consultant Forensic and Rehabilitation Psychiatrist at Thornford Park. Rick joined Priory secure services as a consultant in 2003 and was appointed Medical Director at Thornford Park in 2006.


Rick trained as a doctor at Liverpool University Medical School. He began his postgraduate and psychiatric training in 1984, with appointments in Liverpool, Charing Cross Hospital London, St. Bernard's Ealing, and The Reaside Clinic and other hospitals in the West Midlands. In 1986 he had his first association with the Priory, as a Priory research fellow at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School. He is dually accredited in forensic and general/rehabilitation psychiatry.

Previous appointments

Rick's first appointment as a consultant was as a general adult and community psychiatrist in Gloucester. He was there from 1993 to 1999, where he had involvement with their PICU, drugs and therapeutics committee, and was lead consultant for adult mental health for a period of time.

Rick moved to work in secure treatment environments in 1999, joining the low secure and specialist rehabilitation services at Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham Mental Health Trust.

In 2001 he was the consultant appointed to set up the Avon High Dependency Rehabilitation Service (low secure) in Bristol.

With Priory he took a lead role with the low secure assessment and treatment service, along with working on other low secure rehabilitation wards. He is now the consultant for Kingsclere - a low secure rehabilitation ward. Clinically he best enjoys working in low secure environments, where he can combine his forensic and rehabilitation skills.

Area of Interest

Assessment of remand prisoners in conditions of low security.  The assessment and management of mentally disordered offenders and patients with challenging behaviour, along with their ongoing rehabilitation.