Dr Rupesh Adimulam

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Priory Hospital Chelmsford (staff)

Stump Lane
Springfield Green
Essex, CM1 7SJ

Location telephone: 01245 345 345

Location email: chelmsford@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: Neelima Vucha

Consultant telephone: 07475594858

Consultant email: -

Dr Rupesh Adimulam

Dr Rupesh Adimulam has been working as a consultant psychiatrist in general adult Psychiatry since May 2011 at the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. Out of these six years, he has served as a locum consultant, has worked in the sector model and has been working as an inpatient consultant for the last four years. 

Dr Adimulam has a special interest in neuropsychiatry and has been running a neuropsychiatry clinic at the Broomfield hospital, Chelmsford for the last three years. 

His expertise is in treating and managing a wide range of psychiatric illness such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, sleep disorders, Adult ADHD, PTSD, schizophrenia and neuropsychiatric disorders. He is committed to the patients care and welfare and the main focus is helping the patients recover from their illnesses and attain functional abilities to their best.

Dr Adimulam also has an interest in quality improvement and has been a local MAC chair since January 2015. He is also the medical lead in the infection control board and is actively involved in Flu vaccination campaigns in our trust. Recently Dr Adimulam took up the role as a guardian of safe working hours and he discharges his duties to ensure the compliance of the junior doctors’ rota with safety requirements. He has also been working with the college as a specialty representative for the general adult psychiatry and neuropsychiatry and did a training course with the college to take part in consultant psychiatrists’ job interview panels as a college member.