Jenna Sellis

Sessional Therapist (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist)

Priory Wellbeing Centre Birmingham (staff)

Ground Floor, 172 Edmund Street
B3 2HB

Location telephone: 0121 200 5930

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Consultant telephone: 0808 301 5379

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Jenna Sellis

The approach Jenna Sellis uses to treat disorders is through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Jenna has 5 years experience in using CBT techniques to help people with a wide range of difficulties to achieve their goals. 

CBT is a very structured approach which looks at changing behaviours and thinking styles to cope with situations more effectively. Jenna spent four years working with people with anxiety and depression and has also spent a year working full time with people with eating disorders. Jenna Sellis has completed the relevant training for CBT and also does regular courses and workshops to enhance skills (e.g. workshop on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy). 

Jenna's interest in eating disorders led her to achieve a publication in the eating disorder Appetite, which focused on emotion recognition in people with disordered eating. Jenna is very passionate about CBT as it is an approach which enables people to help themselves and become their own therapist. This helps to empower people to make further gains and maintain their progress following therapy.

Postgraduate Diploma in CBT
Postgraduate Certificate in Psychological Therapies
Masters in Research in Psychology
BSc in Psychology