Peter Klein

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch Street, London (staff)

Priory Hospital Roehampton - London (visiting)

150-152 Fenchurch Street

Location telephone: 0207 398 0008

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Peter Klein

Peter makes use of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) and approaches that derive from CBT such as Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He also heavily implements and bases some of his treatment approach upon evolutionary theory.

Peter has trained in numerous institutions such as the Oxford Cognitive Therapy center and he is accredited by the BABCP.

He specialises in treating the many forms of anxiety such as OCD, Social Phobia and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. He has further focus on treating Depression, Stress, Low Self-Esteen and Aspergers.

Peter very much tailors his treatment towards the individual as what maintains the problems can differ from person to person. In order to achieve this, he makes use of scientific principles derived from behaviorism and evolutionary theory.

Treatment is conducted at a very equal level in that Peter and the patient discover what the problems are and how they are maintained. In order to achieve this, Peter will make use of his psychotherapeutic knowledge and patients will make use of their self-knowledge.

Peter has created and ran numerous groups at the world famous Priory Hospital in Roehampton and next to this has extensive experience of working in various settings in both Germany and London.

Bsc (Hons) Psychology, PGDip CBT, MA Intelligence Research