Pippa O’Connor


Priory Hospital North London (staff)

Grovelands House
The Bourne
N14 6RA

Location telephone: 020 8882 8191

Location email: northlondon@priorygroup.com

Secretary name: Debbie Jones

Consultant telephone: 020 8882 8191

Consultant email: pippaoconnor@priorygroup.com

Pippa O’Connor

Pippa O'Connor has been practicing Psychotherapy for thirty five years and works with the third wave evidenced based Mindfulness Cognitive approaches for behaviour change. Pippa specialises in depression, trauma, addiction, compulsive behaviours, OCD and relationship therapy. Pippa is trained as a trauma therapist and run a weekly traum CBT group at the Priory where it is a practical hands on approach to distress emotional regulation, mindfulness skills and psychoeducational.

Pippa has spoken with Professor Mark Williams for BBC 4 Documentary regarding ‘Emotional Pain and physical pain versus grief’ and has written a couple of articles for Glamor Magazine around anxiety and stress reduction. Pippa runs the Oxford programme on the MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy approach for Depression and Anxiety at the Priory Southgate and  at the North London Buddhist Centre Islington. Pippa also teaches the Compassionate Mindfulness approach for destructive emotions for youth at the Special Yoga Centre London and has taught Yoga for the past twenty years.

Dip, BSc, MSc Mindfulness, Trauma focused therapy, EMDR level 2 , Couple counselling and Addiction Therapy