Yasmin Yadi

Head Occupational Therapist

The Priory Hospital Middleton St George (staff)

Middleton St George
County Durham

Location telephone: 01325 333 192

Location email: middletonstgeorge@priorygroup.com

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Consultant telephone: 01325 333 192

Consultant email: Yasminyadi@Priorygroup.com

Yasmin Yadi

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Yasmin Yadi has been an Occupational Therapist since 1998 working in the field of mental health. Prior to qualifying Yasmin was an occupational therapy assistant for 9 years working with people who had a variety of physical and mental disabilities.
Yasmin was Head Occupational Therapist in a high secure hospital in the NW of England and the majority of Yasmin's practice has been in secure services including working with adolescents.
Yasmin is a trained Appropriate Adult and has also received training using the R.A.I.D approach which is ideal working with those who have a diagnosis of mental illness.

B.Sc.Hons) Occupational Therapy
Practice Placement Educator
City & Guilds Electrical Engineering