Recovery First Widnes - ASD Specific Male Autism Service

Recovery First in Widnes is a joint venture between the Priory and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. This state-of-the-art facility provides a dedicated service for the challenging and complex needs of adults with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our outcomes

The ASD specific ward is has evidenced strong outcomes since it opened in late 2013, including:

Positive reductions in HoNoS scores

Priory Recovery First Widnes Reduction In HoNoS

 Reduced levels of continuous observations

Priory Recovery First Widnes Reduced Hours Of Observation

Our Service User success stories

At Recovery First , we focus on implementing a structured environment that allows service users to progress through the Recovery First pathway. This structure has seen us evidence strong outcomes for our service users in our first year of opening.

Read our latest case studies.

Why choose an ASD specific service?

Challenging behaviour often becomes a problem when Service Users with an ASD are placed within a generic mental health setting. This is because the parameters that are put in place within an ASD specific environment cannot be achieved in a generic ward. Read more.

Our therapeutic approach and person centred care plans

All Service Users participate in a robust therapeutic programme, which includes community access, education at local colleges, a focus on physical healthcare, support with activities of daily living and daily community ward meetings. This is all aimed at encouraging the Service User to participate in therapy and make them feel empowered in their own recovery.

We work closely with individuals, their families and commissioners to provide person centred care plans and environments that enable our service users to achieve positive outcomes.

These include:

  • Working collaboratively with funders towards achieving shared outcomes
  • Creating an Autism specific environment that meets their individual needs 
  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment that helps develop independent living and social skills 
  • Ensuring our staff receive the highest level of training and support 
  • Supporting individuals to attend college and further their education 
  • Promoting a healthy physical and mental environment that contributes to independence, fulfilment and emotional well-being

Our on-site facilities:

  • Multi-Sensory Room
  • Large private garden
  • On-ward ADL kitchen
  • On-ward IT Suite
  • Large low-stimulation area which incorporates safe garden area

If you have any questions about our services at Recovery First Widnes or would like to discuss a placement, please contact us on 0151 909 2725 or email