Approach to treatment

For service users with severe and enduring mental health problems or physical disabilities, we recognise that rehabilitation and recovery is the ultimate goal. That is why our services are structured in order to support people on their journey towards increased independence and the highest quality of life.

Priory understands that recovery and rehabilitation services should be person-centred and outcomes-focused and that the planned ultimate ‘outcome’ will vary between service users and may indeed evolve over time. Our multi-disciplinary teams (MDT) work in collaboration with service users, their families and carers, commissioners and community healthcare professionals, to provide the right clinical interventions and support to promote independence and wellbeing for the individual service user. Regular reviews of progress against agreed care plans ensure that the MDT is proactive in adapting plans to deliver optimal outcomes for the service user safely, and as soon as possible.

The Care Programme Approach (CPA) forms the basis of the care planning process. We always work with service users to co-produce care plans; championing ownership and pragmatism instead of acquiescence and passivity. Each plan captures the service user’s individual outcomes and journey of care; the most independent and least restrictive care possible in consideration of their choice alongside our ‘can do safely’ approach.

Full engagement of serice users

In order to achieve full engagement of service users in their care plan, our mental health services use a variety of tools including the Recovery Star and My Shared Pathway. We incorporate positive behaviour support alongside therapeutic interventions – enabling service users to be active determinants of their care. Our recovery model ensures that our holistic care and support is focused on enabling service users to have as independent, healthy and enjoyable a life as possible.


Further, Priory can adjust interventions, communication strategies and service environments to best support individuals also presenting with intellectual disabilities – to ensure that those with such a disability are treated with the same compassionate, person-centred care that they should expect.

Our recovery model is underpinned by a proactive focus on the whole of a service user’s care programme. Discharge planning is central to Priory’s model, with plans for step-down included in initial consultation with commissioners and stakeholders during the admission process. We provide a comprehensive footprint of services including supported living accommodation – offering service users and commissioners complete continuity of person-centred care.

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