Personality disorder service at Chadwick Lodge, Hope House in Buckinghamshire

Chadwick Lodge offers a comprehensive specialist personality disorder service, supporting women to complete a personalised treatment programme and health plan.

The aim of the programme is to progress the individual back to a life outside the hospital environment or to other care environments as part of the care pathway. At the right time, access to the local community is a vital step for promoting service users’ long-term independence.

The service at Hope House within Chadwick Lodge provides a 12 month recovery focussed programme with dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) at its therapeutic centre. The skills taught within the programme promote greater self awareness, and will also teach the individual to build resilience while managing overwhelming situations more effectively.

Through the DBT programme, the multidisciplinary team will support service users to:

  • Manage life outside of hospital safely
  • Engage in voluntary or paid work
  • Enjoy healthy relationships
  • Explore their own interests
  • Move forward to a future they have planned and worked hard for

The final stage of the DBT programme will focus on relapse prevention and the building of life skills in preparation for living in their local community. It is envisaged that during the final stage of the programme, the service user will be considering registering at college and/or looking for voluntary work, based on work completed in the treatment programme and health plans and interests developed during their time on the unit.

Priory Group outcomes: our service users’ success

The graph below evidences a reduction in the total of deliberate self-harm (DSH) episodes for five service users over a period of ten months from admission at one of the Priory Group’s hospitals in Roehampton where the same therapeutic treatment model is employed.*

To download the Chadwick Lodge, Hope House brochure, read about the personality disorder service in full and find out about the assessment and treatment options available, please click on the PDF icon below.

Personality Disorder Service - Chadwick Lodge, Hope House 

*Outcomes are based on a study at one of the Priory Group’s hospitals at Roehampton 2012/13 following the same 12-month recovery-focused programme with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) at its therapeutic centre.