Medium secure and low secure service provision at Chadwick Lodge, Milton Keynes

The Priory, Chadwick Lodge Secure Services

Chadwick Lodge is a national secure service providing assessment and treatment for men and women of working age. Specialist medium secure and low secure care is provided for adult males with enduring mental health needs and mild learning disabilities. For females, the secure service provides care and treatment for those who have a personality disorder and for women who commit serious offences and present a danger to themselves and others. 

Multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively with the service user and commissioners to deliver evidence based treatment programmes and adaptable care pathways for service users to progress towards the least restrictive setting and to independence. 

Chadwick Lodge  places service users at the centre of their care  to promote independence, social inclusion, education, employment and we encourage the service user to be an active partner in shaping their development.

Achieving positive outcomes, coupled with the experience of our service users and staff defines the quality of our service and is at the heart of everything we do.

Key outcomes for Chadwick Lodge in 2012-13 include:

  • 100% of our CQUIN indicators were met
  • 100% compliant at our last CQC inspection
  • 54% of service users have stepped down to lower security level and 32% have remained within the same level of security  
  • Zero Never Events occurred across our services

Current bed availability | Monday 20th January 2014:


Bed Availability  
 Male medium secure  5
 Male low secure  0
 Female medium secure             1
 Female low secure  5
 Female locked personality disorder    7

For further information regarding Chadwick Lodge or to make a referral, please call 01908 593000 or email