Prison transfers

Rapid Prions Transfer Service

Priory works in partnership with the national rapid transfer and advisory service (NRTS) for remand and convicted prisoners Prisons and catchment services are coming under increasing pressure to transfer mentally disordered prisoners to hospital without delay. Priory secure services welcome the referral of remanded or sentenced prisoners who are in need of urgent admission, assessment and treatment for mental disorder.

Care and management from Priory secure services

Our team of highly experienced forensic psychiatrists will advise prison mental health teams on the most appropriate mmethods to ensure individuals are directed to the most suitable facility for their needs.

Communication will be consistently maintained with referrers during all stages of the assessment process. Court recommendations will only be made following consultation with NHS referrers and purchasers. This service is available in all of our units which provide a national catchment engagement of prisoners prior to transfer, or advise on their management within the prison environment. This service is cost free.

The national service has the resources available to accept all prisoner types including:

  • Male or female
  • Remanded or convicted
  • Mental illness, personality disorder, forensic addiction or dual diagnosis

The service offers a swift and expert forensic assessment in any prison establishment in the United Kingdom and provides:

  • Assessment within 48 hours of referral
  • Single point of referral
  • Comprehensive referral management by the Priory secure services team
  • Initial recommendations to the referrer within 72 hours with advice on diagnosis, treatment, risk management and placement
  • Rapid transfer arrangement to hospital subject to funding agreement
  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment and treatment on admission underpinned by full care programme approach (CPA)
  • Timely completion of high quality medico-legal reports