Secure treatment programmes

Secure therapy programmes

Priory secure services provide an extensive range of treatment programmes to meet the diverse needs of each service user. Individual and structured group-based programmes are designed to meet the behaviours and complex needs presented by the service user group. The programmes place the service user at the centre of their care and promote opportunities to shape the ongoing development of the service. Treatment is delivered in safe, supportive environments that promote individual care, innovative services and positive outcomes. Our goal is to strengthen the personal resources of our service users and to help them work towards their full potential by supporting and empowering them in their recovery and rehabilitation.

Treatment programmes for secure:

  • Sexual offender treatment programme - the programme is unique to the Priory. It utilises a variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic techniques in order for the service user to target and be responsive to individual learning styles
  • Substance misuse treatment programme - the first stage of this higher level programme aims to enhance the knowledge of wide-ranging negative effects and the second stage focuses on relapse prevention and enhances self-esteem
  • Controlling anger and learning to manage it - a cognitive behavioural therapy group helping service users to look at anger. They are encouraged to learn and practice new skills in order to reduce how often they experience strong emotions, their intensity and how long they last
  • Enhanced thinking programme - aims to enhance pro-social behaviour by improving the six cognitive deficits associated with offending through a number of carefully constructed exercises. The deficits are addressed as interpersonal problem solving, cognitive style, self-control, social perspective taking, moral reasoning and critical reasoning.