Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD)

For children and young people with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties or complex mental health issues, receiving a meaningful education which delivers positive outcomes can be a challenge.

Raising standards in education and care-

At Priory Education and Children's Services, our highly specialised teams work closely with socially and emotionally vulnerable young people aged from 7 to 19. They provide unique learning experiences and vocational opportunities, whilst promoting self-discipline and positive behaviour management. We believe that this ethos is integral to improving the learning and social outcomes of our young people.

Our objective is for every young person to leave education with externally recognised qualifications which have enabled them to challenge their potential and achieve personal success. For this reason, Priory Education Services offer 30 different subjects at GCSE level, and over ten other nationally recognised qualifications.

Our innovative reward systems create a positive environment, which celebrates and rewards success.  We encourage maintaining strong links with mainstream education, college and employment training  which ensures positive and planned transitions when the young person is ready.

Where necessary, we also offer seamless access to child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), and are able to utilise the expertise of our CAMHS professionals across the UK to deliver leading mental healthcare alongside outstanding education and care.

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Focused on positive outcomes and positive transitions-

We aim to ensure that all of our young people develop a positive outlook on life - that they thrive and learn to take responsibility, not only by actively engaging in appropriate and stimulating learning opportunities, but also by achieving an enhanced degree of emotional stability.

Our proven track record of re-engaging young people with education and learning is key to their progress, individual success and their inclusion within society. That is why 95% of young people are engaged in age appropriate independence programmes, and 87% of young people who attend their review meetings contribute to their own target setting.

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