Approach to BESD Care

We believe that for children and young people with challenging behavioural, social and emotional difficulties (BESD) to thrive, they require a safe and stable learning environment which rewards success and instils a culture of positive behaviour management.

The students who attend our school will have had difficulties in their previous placements, so Priory Education Services strive to ensure that their time with us achieves positive outcomes by engaging with the student on an individual level, according to their unique needs and abilities.

Our students

We work with socially and emotionally vulnerable children and young people across the country aged from 7 to 19. They may have severe emotional and behavioural difficulties, associated with complex mental health issues, and will usually have a statement of Special Educational Need (SEN).

Our students may also have other associated difficulties, including specific learning difficulties, learning disabilities, social and communication issues, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sexually inappropriate behaviour and attachment disorder.

Our approach to working with children with BESD

Our aim is for young people to progress, develop and achieve in order to improve their overall life chances for development and integration into the community.

Outstanding education, care and therapy facilities across all of our schools and children’s homes provide structured, individualised programmes within a highly specialised and supportive environment.

Integrated care, tailored curriculums and a combination of therapies are designed to ensure that young people are able to develop a broad range of academic and social skills to enable them to participate within society and develop the psychological independence as they progress.

Excellence in education: securing positive futures for our students

We strive to ensure that every child and young person is actively engaged in an appropriate and stimulating curriculum, tailored to meet their unique requirements, skills and abilities. Our aim is that all of our young people develop a positive outlook on life; that they achieve, thrive and learn to take responsibility, and develop an enhanced degree of emotional stability. For this reason, 95% of our students are currently undertaking an age appropriate independence programme with us.

We provide unique learning experiences, with vocational educational opportunities available within the wider community. We deliver our innovative combination of education and care alongside a reward system which creates a positive environment that celebrates and rewards success.

Key to working with children and young people with BESD, our classrooms instil a culture which mitigates against exclusion, and makes students feel safe, secure and valued.