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Priory's editorial process

At Priory, we’re dedicated to providing you with accurate, accessible, comprehensive, trustworthy and relevant information regarding mental health and the services we’re able to offer.

We provide information on a wide range of mental health conditions and treatments, which can be accessed either via the NHS, local authorities or privately, and we aim to make our website as easy to navigate as possible, so that readers are able to find the information that is relevant and appropriate to them.

We have a robust editorial process in place to ensure that the content on our website meets these criteria. However, the information that we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice or treatment. We encourage you to always speak to a medical or mental health specialist regarding any questions you have or any difficulties you’re experiencing. It’s important that you do not delay seeking mental health support or disregard professional advice based only on something that you have read on Priory’s website. If you’re in crisis with your mental health and need more information, you can visit our crisis support page.

Content quality

Our content is written to the highest standards by our team of expert writers. In all our content, we endeavour to:

  • Meet the needs of our website users seeking complex mental health information
  • Meet the standards expected of Priory, relating to mental healthcare information, treatment and support

Review process

All content that provides clinical information goes through a medical sign-off process. This involves the piece being thoroughly reviewed and approved by one of our mental health specialists. These include expert psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, therapists or any other highly trained mental health professional.

In addition to going through clinical review, all content is thoroughly checked for accuracy and fluency by another member of the content team.

Tone of voice

In order to make our content as accessible and easy to understand as possible, we have a comprehensive tone of voice policy in place. This provides guidance to our writers, helping us to ensure that the content we produce is empathetic, reassuring and free from any clinical jargon.

We aim to reach out to our readers with a warm and friendly tone of voice, encouraging them to seek support with us.


We also employ robust sourcing guidelines in our content development process. Where applicable, we ensure that we draw upon peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, government agencies, medical associations and more. Our data sources are vetted for authority and relevance and we make sure that these are clearly linked to, in order to allow for transparency.

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