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Governance at Priory

Priory is committed to providing high quality services through a robust corporate and clinical governance framework. We nurture a culture of continuous quality improvement that moves beyond compliance and focuses on delivering excellent care and support to the people we support in our hospitals and homes.

Our approach to organisational governance plays an essential role in ensuring that we work together to deliver safe, effective and well-managed services across the 300 operational sites that make up our Healthcare and Adult Care divisions.

To read our Clinical Strategy, Suicide Prevention Strategy and Race Equality Standards Report,  please click here.

Bild Association of Certified Training

Priory are proud to have received certification from the Bild Association of Certified Training, demonstrating that our training services comply with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards.

Priory's governance strategies

Our Executive Medical Director, Dr Adrian Cree, speaks about Priory's Clinical Strategy and Suicide Prevention Strategy. He explains the overarching themes and aims of each strategy.

A comprehensive central services structure

Priory has established a comprehensive central services structure, which delivers specialist support across all areas of the governance spectrum. These central teams provide our front-line services and operational leaders, who are responsible for the delivery of high quality services, with the effective frameworks required to deliver good practice, alongside the provision of comprehensive monitoring and support networks.

Our front-line teams receive support and constructive oversight from a dedicated divisional quality team, who employ a model of quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement across all services. These three elements enable each division to deliver a comprehensive total quality management system and ensure that care, support and treatment provided to the people we support is of a consistently high standard.

Live your life

Each of Priory’s services is led by an operational team dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care and support. The relentless focus on quality demonstrated by our front-line teams and leaders ensures that the day-to-day operations of the services we deliver are robust, fit for purpose, and embody our motto, 'Live your life', empowering everyone we support to take steps towards living their lives to the fullest.

Our governance framework also provides all of our employees with a clear set of principles around which we all operate, to ensure that we are delivering the best possible services for those whose care we have been entrusted with.


Priory Clinical Strategy

Priory Suicide Prevention Strategy

Race Equality Standards Report

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