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Priory's strategic vision and plan

We believe a well-defined strategy is the foundation of success. The Priory Plan 2023-25 outlines our 7 strategic goals and how we intend to achieve them over the next 3 years. This strategy was developed in collaboration with Priory colleagues, partners and the people we support. It contains numerous examples of how we are putting our vision into practice already across our healthcare and adult social care services.

Within each chapter of our plan, there is a short summary of each of our strategic goals, with examples of the key performance indicators (KPIs) we need to meet to achieve them, and case studies of our successes.

Our purpose

Priory's purpose and vision

Since July 2021, we have been part of MEDIAN, based in Germany, and together, we share the combined vision of becoming the leading European provider of mental health and rehabilitation services. As a group, MEDIAN is active in the UK, Germany and Spain. Our combined purpose is 'Live your life', which underpins everything we do. It means supporting people to live as fully and independently as possible so that they can achieve their personal goals and have a good quality of living.

Our strategic goals

The starting point for our 3-year strategy is our 7 strategic goals. These are our big picture objectives and every plan we develop over the next 3 years will support 1 or more of the goals.

Priory's strategic goals

How we developed our strategy

We launched our seven strategic goals in September 2022 and spent time in the months that followed engaging with our colleagues and understanding how they felt they could deliver against these goals in their areas. We also engaged with patients and resident groups. Alongside surveys, interviews and workshops, we developed a toolkit to help colleagues run focus groups themselves and gather feedback. This gave additional insight into some of the challenges our colleagues and the people we support experience, and how our strategy could support them.

We then developed nine enabling strategies to drive the Priory Plan forward in the following areas: data, digital, estates, IT, marketing and communications, people, procurement, quality and research, and effectiveness. Within Priory, we have made sure there are regular opportunities to discuss the implementation of our strategy and feedback on progress.

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Priory strategic plan 2023-25

Priory stratgeic plan 2023-25 easy read

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