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Here at Priory Group we set out to deliver the highest quality care and support to those people who are residents or patients in our homes, hospitals and schools. It goes without saying that we aspire to be world class and a beacon of good practice in all that we do.

We expect all of our colleagues to deliver the highest standards of support, care and treatment. We help our colleagues to do this by facilitating a culture of transparency and openness, evidence-based practice and enabling continuous learning and improvement opportunities.

Our services are effectively regulated by our internal divisional teams, our corporate teams and of course by our external regulators, commissioners and stakeholders. We also use the feedback from those who use our services to make improvements.

We measure progress by providing objective, quantitative and auditable data that measures outcomes, effectiveness and service user experience. A uniform approach across Priory Group is ensured through our divisional management structure, whereby each of our three divisions has its own chief executive officer (CEO) and senior management team. Our corporate teams are there to support our divisional teams in delivering the safety, quality and compliance agenda.


The safety and wellbeing of those who use our services is paramount. This is a message raised at the very beginning of employment with us and which is continuously raised as part of induction, supervision and appraisal. All colleagues must undertake mandatory training in the key aspects of safety, quality and compliance.

Here at Priory we aspire to be open, to effectively report, investigate and learn from any incidents and near misses with the intention of offering speedy resolution and putting in place improvements.

The recommendations and actions for improvement arising from the findings of any internal or external reviews or investigations are made clear and easy to audit. They are integrated into an action plan. The recommendations can be aimed at a local level which are monitored and incorporated into the local governance meetings. Where recommendations are made for the division or indeed more widely, then these are publicised in colleague briefings, via the Top Priority weekly newsletter and through our ongoing programme of training webinars, the programme of which, for example includes health and safety for managers, ligature point audits and observation and engagement.  

Any longer term risks are placed on the local risk register as a means of ensuring frequent review and the consideration and introduction of enhanced actions for mitigation. Similarly but less frequently, where risks are identified which impact on the wider Priory Group, these will be placed on the corporate risk register as a means of ensuring wider action.

The improvement agenda is highlighted via monthly Safety First briefings which is an initiative to which the Priory Group CEO has lent his full support. Previous briefings have included the importance of good patient observation, the importance of colleague induction and fire safety.

All of our colleagues are subject to an effective induction which covers key aspects of health and safety such as security arrangements and the response to a fire.

Attendance and completion of training is monitored as part of the broader performance management systems. 

The Priory Academy includes a number of mandatory health and safety modules that colleagues must complete within the first six weeks of their employment to ensure they are competent in their duties. Mandatory modules include an Introduction to Health and Safety, Lifting and Handling, and Fire Safety.

Colleagues with key health and safety roles at site level undertake specific face-to-face training to enable them to fulfil their duties for example training for maintenance colleagues and fire marshal training.

All training modules emphasise the responsibilities that colleagues and the management team have for ensuring the health and safety of themselves and others. Compliance in respect of mandatory training (both initial and refresher) is monitored and reviewed centrally with managers receiving regular updates in respect of the progress and status of their respective homes, schools and hospitals.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable policy team who ensure that policies and procedures accord with legislation, guidance and best practice which take into consideration variations across the UK. Our policies and procedures are updated and re-launched in response to lessons learnt and emerging best practice.


Our care and support teams are supported by a corporate assurance function that includes an internal inspection team. This enables our services to be safe and effectively regulated and enhances the effectiveness and delivery of high quality treatment, care and education.

Achieving positive outcomes, coupled with the experiences of our service users and colleagues, are at the heart of everything that we do. This approach is also reflective of the national agenda for quality.

Our priorities for driving quality within Priory are to:

  • Exceed national standards of care
  • Improve outcomes for both our adult and adolescent service users
  • Deliver safe and secure services
  • Ensure a positive experience of care for all who use our services
  • Invest in our colleague through education and training
  • Ensure that our policies and procedures are up to date, evidence-based and take into consideration regional variations i.e. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England


Priory has a strong track record of delivering high quality care, treatment, and education which is supported by robust outcome data made available to all of our stakeholders.

All providers of health and specialist services, education and social care have a core responsibility to strive for excellence in the services that they provide and to continually identify areas for improvement. The care, treatment and education that we provide is subject to regulation by the individual bodies operating across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We welcome all such inspections knowing that these again give us the opportunity to learn and improve.

Priory ensures that services are compliant by:

  • Having in place an internal compliance team, led by the director of compliance. The team comprises inspectors with expertise in their particular fields and use consistent inspection tools to assess compliance with the appropriate regulations
  • Similarly a health and safety team is in place. Like the compliance team, this is a centrally managed team and is responsible for undertaking frequent audits all of our homes, schools and hospitals with reference made to matters such as food safety, fire safety and colleague welfare
  • Our reporting structures and quality monitoring procedures – each service has a monthly clinical governance meeting that has a standardised agenda mapped against the regulators required outcomes
  • Our senior divisional colleagues also attend a monthly Quality Review Meeting where data is scrutinised and performance measured and considered
  • Quality and safety dashboards are in place and these enable divisional and corporate oversight of all of our individual services and  these link quality, HR and finance indicators together. These are produced monthly and tracked for trends with remedial action taken where necessary
  • Audit – a divisional audit calendar is in place as well as a minimum of 3 audits per year that are bespoke to their requirements with clear action-planning requirements and evidence of change reported to the head of quality
  • Action-planning for improvement and securing improvements is the responsibility of operational colleague

Delivering the best possible outcomes for the people who use our services is about more than simply satisfying the requirements of the regulators, it’s about leading for improvement. Our commitment to the people who use and come into contact with our services is nothing less than to be a trusted provider which makes a positive difference to people’s lives.


Priory is committed to effectively safeguard and protect all vulnerable individuals supported by our services from any form of abuse. We will always aim to ensure best practice and partnership working in relation to safeguarding.

We firmly believe that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility throughout our organisation.

We strive to maintain a transparent and open culture where everyone feels safe and able to raise and share concerns. Concerns relating to safeguarding are always listened to and taken very seriously.

Priory has a robust structure both locally and nationally for managing safeguarding. Safeguarding across Priory Group has a voice at board level through the executive lead for safeguarding. We also have regional safeguarding leads who ensure best and safe practices.

Every service has a designated safeguarding officer trained to a high level of competence in understanding safeguarding adults, young people and children and ensuring that safeguarding supervision is always in place.

Colleague training

Clear policies and procedures are supported by a commitment to deliver high quality safeguarding training to all colleagues working in our services on an ongoing basis. Robust monitoring processes ensure that this policy is applied and that practice is regularly evaluated.

Working in partnership

We work in partnership with key agencies involved in safeguarding to ensure information sharing and the best possible provisions and outcomes in relation to safeguarding are in place, as well as working in partnership with local authorities to ensure we understand local procedures and that best practice is shared.


Robust recruitment procedures comply with all safeguarding requirements and recommendations, and our colleagues receive regular supervision in accordance with regulatory requirements. 

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