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What are the signs & symptoms of alcohol addiction?

The signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction can vary from person to person, and also depend upon the nature of your addiction, the amount of alcohol that you are drinking and the frequency of your alcohol consumption.

At Priory, our specialist teams are dedicated to providing exceptional alcohol addiction treatment, empowering you to alleviate your symptoms, and return to the healthy, fulfilling and addiction-free life that you deserve.

As well as drinking large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis, we have outlined the signs that you, or someone that you know, may be suffering from an alcohol addiction.

This page was clinically reviewed by Dr Niall Campbell (MBBS, MRCPsych) in June 2020, and is scheduled to be reviewed again in June 2022. To view all Priory alcohol addiction specialists, please click here.

Psychological symptoms of alcohol addiction
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Behavioural and social symptoms of alcohol addiction
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Physical symptoms of alcohol addiction
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What are the long-term effects of alcohol addiction?
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Self-help tips for dealing with the initial stages of alcohol addiction
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