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Drug detox at Priory

If you are struggling with a drug addiction, an important first step in your addiction treatment journey may be for you to undergo a medically assisted withdrawal i.e. drug detoxification or a ‘drug detox’ programme, before you begin comprehensive addiction therapy. Detox is the process by which toxic substances are systematically broken down or passed out of the body as part of a comprehensive, medically assisted drug detox programme. This process is common and to be expected when entering rehab for substance abuse.

Essentially, the goal of drug detox at Priory is to:

  • Remove all traces of harmful and addictive substances from the body 
  • Reduce any physical withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you no longer have drugs in your system, by using appropriately controlled medication

Our rigorous drug detox programmes have been designed to ensure that this process is safe, thorough, and managed as smoothly and comfortably as possible for each patient, in our highly supportive and clinical environments. Priory’s medically assisted drug detox programmes are underpinned by the principle that each and every one of our patients experiences the detox process in a unique way. Therefore, we ensure that our detox programmes are personalised in order to result in the most positive outcomes for each individual who seeks addiction treatment and detox with us. Following drug detox, we strongly recommend that our patients commence with a residential Addiction Treatment Programme in order to get their addiction fully under control.

There is a wealth of evidence that suggests that compassionate and supportive care is just as important as medication in the drug detox process, which is why our team are dedicated to providing exceptional support to our detox clients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ultimately, the aim of detox is to tackle the physical symptoms of your substance addiction, and once you are physically stable, empower you to address the underlying causes and triggers for your addictive behaviours as part of a comprehensive therapy programme.

What happens during drug detox?

Drug detox at Priory takes place as part of our residential inpatient treatment, which means that you will stay at one of our Priory hospitals for the duration of this programme. The detox process itself usually lasts for between 7 to 10 days, but you will be able to start attending intensive addiction therapy groups as soon as you are physically able to do so, even if this is after only a few days on the programme.

With round-the-clock care, support and specialist medication management, we ensure that our patients are closely observed, safe and comfortable at all times. Having on-site medical and nursing staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, means that we are able to address any issues or concerns that our detox patients may have, and provide medical care in a swift and timely manner. Whilst there is no medication that prevents all withdrawal symptoms, our team are able to use appropriately controlled medication to help you to cope with the detox process, easing anxiety and depression, enabling you to achieve sufficient sleep, and counteracting as many other problems as possible.

During the drug detox process, you will stay in a modern, well-equipped en-suite bedroom, which has been specifically designed to be welcoming and comfortable, in order to support you in your relaxation and recovery. In addition, in order to ensure that the detox process is as pleasant and restful as possible, we are dedicated to providing our patients with a range of entertainment facilities, such as books and televisions, to help you to pass the time and serve as a welcome distraction from your withdrawal symptoms.

Free comprehensive medical assessment with a drug detox specialist

During your free initial drug addiction assessment, your specialist will be able to determine whether going through a medically assisted drug detox process is an appropriate or necessary step for you. If this is the case, the next step in your detox journey will be for you to receive a comprehensive medical assessment with one of our addiction and detox experts. The purpose of this is to gather important information on the nature of your drug addiction, as well as your broader medical history, in order to allow our detox specialists to develop an individual, evidence-based detox plan, tailored according to your unique needs and concerns. The structure and length of your detox plan will be guided by the following factors:

  • The level of your drug usage (the amount that you consume, and the frequency of your and drug consumption)
  • The seriousness of your withdrawal symptoms
  • Your overall physical functioning and medical history

Drug Detox and withdrawal may seem to be an overwhelming and daunting prospect. However, at Priory, our specialist detox teams are dedicated to minimising the impact of your drug withdrawal symptoms, and offer you the expert service that you require for a successful and long-lasting recovery.

For more information on the addiction treatment process, you can visit our approach to addiction treatment page.

What are the side effects of drug detox?
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