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Heroin addiction rehab

Heroin is a class A drug made from morphine, and is also part of the ‘opiate’ category of drugs which derives from poppies. While versions of the drug have been around for hundreds of years, and continue to treat people across the world for complaints of pain or sleeplessness, heroin is a much stronger iteration of morphine, otherwise known as ‘diamorphine’.

The highly addictive qualities of heroin result from repeated use in order to obtain the desired side effects of wellbeing and pleasure. While these effects can initially sound appealing, the stark reality is that taking heroin involves serious short and long-term risks to your physical and mental health, including poor mental functioning, uncontrollable urges to itch your skin, and health problems associated with dependency such as liver disease, seizures, heart problems and blood clots.

Free addiction assessment at your nearest hospital

If you are worried that you or a loved one may have a heroin addiction, Priory’s free initial addiction assessment offers you an opportunity to discuss all of the options associated with your addiction. This assessment takes place with an experienced therapist and is completely confidential. There are many symptoms associated with heroin use and a range of indicators that a person may be using it.

Methods of taking heroin

Heroin is most commonly injected intravenously, although it can be snorted, smoked or inhaled. Dependence and subsequently addiction to the drug can occur rapidly, with your body developing a tolerance quickly, causing you to require more of the drug to appease your cravings, risking fatal overdose and many associated difficulties.

All four ways of taking heroin, deliver the drug to the brain rapidly. Once there, it is converted back into morphine and binds to opioid receptors, located in many areas of your brain, such as those involved with pain perception, reward, and other areas that are critical for life.

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