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What are the signs and symptoms of heroin addiction?

Heroin is a powerful, dangerous and highly addictive drug. A member of the opiate family, heroin is known to cause intensely pleasurable effects, including an elimination of pain and a sense of relaxed euphoria. However, the way that heroin interacts with the central nervous system means that individuals who use this drug put themselves at risk for significant immediate and long-term harm.

Specialist heroin addiction treatment programmes at Priory will typically begin with a medically assisted withdrawal detoxification at one of our specialist heroin treatment hospitals, helping you to manage the symptoms and associated dangers involved with heroin withdrawal.

Once the drug has been removed from your system, you will commence with our comprehensive Addiction Treatment Programme involving group and individual counselling, helping you identify the underlying reasons and associated issues which formed your addiction.                     

With effective professional care, you can overcome your dependence and begin to lead a healthier and happier life.

This page was reviewed by Stephanie Chick (FDAP) in July 2018, and is scheduled to be reviewed again in July 2020. To view all Priory heroin addiction specialists, please click here.

Common symptoms of heroin addiction
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Symptoms of heroin withdrawal
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Symptoms of heroin overdose
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