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Addiction1 Thumbnail-ISTOCK.jpg
Explaining why you can feel anxious for no reason

Feeling a rush of anxiety and don’t know why? We explore possible explanations and how you can recognise your anxiety tr…

Depression And Brain Fog Thumbnail
Depression and brain fog

Exploring the connection between depression and brain fog: the impact it can have and how you can cope with it.

Effects Of Cocaine On Sleep Thumbnail
The effects of cocaine on sleep

Exploring how cocaine affects our sleep patterns and how it’s linked to insomnia, as well as outlining strategies you ca…

How To Get A Parent To Stop Drinking Thumbnail
Understanding and managing alcohol triggers

Exploring internal and external alcohol triggers, and how to recognise and manage them.

Valium addiction thumbnail ISTOCK.jpg
The stages of alcoholism

Outlining the four phases of alcohol addiction, including the key signs and potential effects of each stage.

Depression Genetics Thumbnail
Is depression a genetic disorder?

Discussing the genetic aspects of depression, including whether it runs in the family.

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