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Ways to overcome your driving-related panic attacks

Does driving, or the thought of driving, cause you to have panic attacks? Find out why they happen - and how to stop the…

Interactive guide on how alcohol affects the body?

Alcohol can physically affect us in various different ways. Here we outline how heavy drinking can impact the body.

Am I drinking too much? Signs of alcohol abuse and addiction

If you’re worried that your drinking is becoming a problem, keep reading to find out the signs of alcohol addiction.

Quiet borderline personality disorder

The signs and symptoms of quiet borderline personality disorder, the the support that is available to people who are dea…

How to stop drinking so much alcohol

Advice and information on how to stop drinking so much alcohol if you are concerned about how much you've been consuming…

How to help someone with bulimia

If someone close to you is struggling with bulimia, there are things that you can do to be a great source of support. Re…

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