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A day in the life of Sarina Wheatman

Sarina Wheatman, Addictions Programme Manager, The Manor Clinic

We sat down with Sarina Wheatman, who has worked in addictions therapy for the last 28 years, seven of which have been at Priory; Sarina now manages The Manor Clinic's Addiction Treatment Programme.

What made you want to work as an Addictions Treatment Manager?

"I have been in recovery from addiction for more than 30 years. My own experiences, along with formal education, have helped me to treat and care for patients who come through the door of The Manor Clinic."

How has being in recovery yourself helped you with your job?

"I absolutely believe that being in recovery gives me a unique perspective when working with addictions. It is not the only thing needed of course, as training and qualifications also count for much in this industry, but recovery is almost another qualification, and certainly has an impact on the patients."

What is your role? How do you work as part of a broader specialist team?

"The team at The Manor Clinic offers treatment for addictions including drugs, alcohol, gambling, as well as dual diagnosis treatment for mental illness.

"We are a very close-knit team, and that includes our patients. We provide treatment for up to 14 people at a time, making it a homely, safe and friendly setting. I recently spoke about my role and The Manor Clinic, in a video that we filmed earlier this year. Watch the video here."

What does a day in the life of Sarina Wheatman Addictions Programme Manager look like?

"There is no typical day at work for me, and that's what I like about my job.

"We deal with people, who are unique, all with their different needs and issues and my job, our job, is to help to guide each and every one of our patients through the recovery journey.

"I've been lucky in my role that I get to be involved in creating and setting up therapy programmes for patients."

What is important to know in your job?

"We know that communication and connection are so important in recovery, so as part of our programme, we offer group and individual therapies, and mindfulness therapies such as yoga and meditation. The holistic therapies are very popular with our clients."

What do you enjoy outside of work?

"I have recently put 'pen to paper', sharing my personal experiences of working and living with addiction. I published my own book, Twisted Wires, which explores addiction, treatment and society earlier this year.

"The process of writing the book has had many advantages, both in terms of my job at The Manor Clinic, and also my own recovery and personal life. It has helped me to collate many years of knowledge and experience and arrange it all into a cohesive story."

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