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How dementia affects short and long-term memory loss

People with dementia will often experience memory loss, which can affect their day-to-day life. There are steps you can take to help a person manage dementia and any memory loss they're experiencing.


How to help someone with dementia

While there's no cure for dementia, providing the right support to someone can still make a huge difference to their quality of life. Every person living with the condition goes through their own unique journey.


Stimulating activities for older people with dementia

By staying both mentally and physically active through hobbies and socialising, people with dementia can have a better quality of life. It can help them to feel happy and motivated, while preventing them from withdrawing into themselves and away from others.


How to handle angry outbursts from someone with dementia

Managing anger and aggression from someone with dementia can be difficult, regardless of whether it's verbal or physical. Here's how to handle them.


Sundowning: definition and management tips

When someone with dementia displays certain behaviours in the late afternoon or early evening, it's often referred to as 'sundowning'. During this time, a person may act out-of-character, and become increasingly anxious or agitated.

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