Alcohol and erectile dysfunction: how can alcohol affect your sex life?

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Can alcohol abuse really cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes, the evidence from studies carried out in different countries across the globe is overwhelming: there is a clear and definite correlation between excessive alcohol consumption and erectile dysfunction. However, what men worldwide are not so clear on is why heavy drinking can harm their sexual performance.

“There are, in fact, numerous interrelated reasons why erectile dysfunction commonly occurs through regularly misusing alcohol” Thomas* explains. “Knowing what I know now (post-rehab), I would never have misused alcohol so flagrantly.”

Does alcohol cause permanent erectile dysfunction?

If you abuse alcohol, and are concerned about your drinking’s impact on sexual function, the smartest thing you can do is to stop drinking altogether. The best way to do that is to seek professional help for alcoholism.

If alcohol abuse is persistent, it can induce long-term sexual dysfunction that can ultimately lead to distress and mental health problems. When blood flow to the brain is interrupted, the parts of the brain that influence sexual response and physiological reactions to stimuli will not function as they should, almost inevitably resulting in erection problems.

Thomas explains soon after moving from being a moderate drinker to an alcoholic, he noticed alcohols detrimental effects on his sexual performance. Thomas says “Although – with so many of the team drinking every night like there was no tomorrow – I am certain that I was not the only person in the office struggling with what is an intensely personal issue.”

Can you reverse alcohol induced erectile dysfunction?

It’s difficult to say if you can reverse erectile dysfunction as each and every body is different. However, there are some things you can do to help get your body as healthy as possible and return to your normal performance levels.

Men whose regular alcohol consumption level is high, may also maintain a poor diet. Lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet consisting of processed foods and sugary snacks is bad for the heart. As erectile dysfunction is all about blood flow, neglecting your heart can lead to problems.

Steps you can take:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Strive to sustain a good work/life balance
  • Try to avoid stress (at work and at home)
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that erectile dysfunction is “to be expected, as you age”. This is not always true
  • And finally – reduce your alcohol intake and get help now

It’s important to note that if you are alcohol dependant, you shouldn’t immediately stop drinking alcohol to improve your sex life. As your body is reliant on alcohol, you could suffer from serious consequences when not drinking. If you would like to detox your body from alcohol, we recommend you do this in the safety of a secure facility where you can get the medical assistance you need.

Our medically assisted detox takes anywhere between 7-10 days and allows you to rid the alcohol in your body in a safe environment.

*Names have been changed for patient safety

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