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Brain injury unit builds partnership with Bexhill College

Egerton Road is part of Priory's neurorehabilitation services which specialise in the treatment of adult neurodisabilities in an environment that provides individual care and positive outcomes.

The residents attend courses in subjects as diverse as art, music, the environment, nature, local history and independent living. They also help and arrange fundraising for various local charities by baking cakes, carol singing, car washing, holding raffles and tombolas and collecting items for Surviving Christmas.

A recent street party was a huge success, with Egerton Road residents playing a leading role in ensuring the event ran smoothly.

One particular story of achievement is a 58 year old man who sustained his brain injury in 2009 through a series of strokes. He also had a mild learning disability that had been diagnosed in childhood.

He came to Priory Egerton Road from a psychiatric hospital after he was sectioned following serious mental health issues. His care pathway brought him to the unit to assess his capabilities in a residential setting where he could be given opportunities to regain some independence in a safe environment.

It took several months to fully explore his capabilities and identify interests and activities that would engage him, and address his anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

He joined a photography class at Bexhill College and surprised himself and everyone else as to how well he did. The boost to his self-confidence led him to explore further options with staff at Egerton Road, and he completed his first college year in art and literacy, which was a very positive experience for him.

The confidence gained from attending college has led him to undertaking voluntary work at a local charity shop and increasing life skills such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and budgeting.

He has now stepped down into the annexe at Egerton Road for more independent living and continues to attend Bexhill College where his art projects are so highly thought of they are used to demonstrate good practice during Ofsted inspections.

Marsha Langley, Home Manager at Egerton Road said: "The support our residents receive from Bexhill College is excellent. To be able to attend college courses is a significant milestone in their recovery and goes towards the positive outcomes we always aim to achieve.

"We are proud of our innovative partnership with the college and the part it plays in helping residents to achieve their goals.

"The resident mentioned has grown from a shy, insecure and anxious man to someone who now accesses the local community, attends college, undertakes voluntary work and swims regularly. The next stage in his care pathway will be for us to support him to live independently, and we are very proud of his amazing progress."

Jane Jenner, Skills for Life Manager, Bexhill College said: "Bexhill College has worked closely with Egerton Road for about five years now. The residents have attended many courses ranging from adult literacy and numeracy to studying a range of art-based courses and other qualifications which support independent living skills. Many of the students attend regularly every year and some have progressed to other activities in the local area.

"All the students show commitment to their studies and regularly attend classes; they look after and support each other throughout the days and they make significant improvements in ability and confidence. Many of the students have tremendous talent in specific areas and the teachers have recognised this and been able to help them realise what they can achieve. All the students have made significant progress.

"The staff members that have accompanied their charges have been invaluable; they have become very much part of the teaching teams. Many of them have shown immense creative talent in their own right. Throughout the years, we have hosted many events such as exhibitions, tea parties and carol singing, to name but a few, and have always been well supported by the management of Priory, the students and staff. They have been most generous in becoming involved in the learning process and have contributed to making events successful by baking cakes and buying tickets to raise money for local charities.

"Bexhill College would like to thank all the staff and students for making the partnership so effective and we hope to be able to continue to serve Egerton Road well into the future."

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