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Chloe's journey to recovery leads her to a life saving act

Priory Group has been praised by parents, Steve and Traci Woodward, for the successful treatment and support that their daughter, Chloe, received at Priory Hospital Woodbourne in Birmingham.

Chloe had previously been treated at a number hospitals, but it was the support she received from Priory Group that made the difference to her successful recovery.

Chloe’s father, Steve, explains: “The difference at Priory Hospital Woodbourne was that Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg listened and reacted to us as parents. She was engaging and thoughtful to all of our and Chloe’s requirements and has succeeded where other hospitals have failed. My daughter Chloe is now back on track to being the delightful person that we knew before she became unwell.

“Occasionally, Chloe still has little dark moments but on the whole, she is improving day by day. Without Priory and Dr Hayley’s intervention, it is very likely that both we as a family and Chloe as an individual would still be suffering.”

Chloe showed great strength recently when on leave from hospital; she helped a man who was about to commit suicide, after spotting him on the wrong side of the railings of a bridge.

Drawing on her own difficult experiences, she talked to the man for half an hour, reminding him of all he had to live for and he eventually agreed to go with Chloe, who took him to hospital.

To read the full news story about Chloe’s life saving act, please click here.

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