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Coronavirus information and support videos on mental health and addictions

The coronavirus outbreak has had a dramatic impact on our daily lives. Our team have put together a series of videos containing advice and information to help people who are struggling with their mental health, an eating disorder or an addiction

Priory remains available to support those in need through our residential services and outpatient therapy, which can now be provided through our digital online therapy service.

Managing agoraphobia during and after coronavirus ‘lockdown’

Dr Andrew Iles, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Wellbeing Centre Oxford, looks closely at the added challenges 'lockdown' has brought to people with agoraphobia. He provides practical advice and tips on how to cope during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Anger management during these challenging times

Therapist, Alexander Ingram at Priory Hospital North London, offers his advice and support on managing anger during 'lockdown'. He provides practical tips on the best way to deal with angry feelings and explains why more people might be feeling this way during such difficult times.

Advice for families going through the perinatal period during the coronavirus outbreak

Dr Leanne Hayward, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Bristol, provides practical advice for families during the perinatal period, who may be experiencing anxieties during the COVID-19 outbreak. She offers useful tips for those who may be nearing the end of their pregnancy, or for those who have just become a new family.

Support for people in addiction recovery during COVID-19

COVID-19 has bought with it uncertainty and disruption across the globe. For people who have battled addiction issues, connection and routine are key to recovery and maintaining sobriety. Priory's Pamela Roberts, provides practical and useful tips to help people to focus on their recovery during this time.

Adapting our addiction treatment programme during the coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has led to many of us having to adapt to a lifestyle that is completely unfamiliar. For people experiencing alcohol and substance abuse issues, this situation can be incredibly challenging. Priory’s Pamela Roberts explains how our addiction treatment team have been working hard to quickly and effectively adapt our practices so that we are able to safely provide addiction support.

You can also read our blog for further information on how we are providing our addiction treatment during the coronavirus outbreak

Insomnia - advice and support during 'lockdown'

Dr Natasha Bijlani, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Roehampton, offers practical advice and support on improving sleep patterns and gaining the rest required for positive wellbeing. She discusses how the current circumstances of COVID-19 can make it much more difficult to get a good amount sleep and provides support to those suffering from insomnia.

Managing your eating disorder during the COVID-19 outbreak

Dr Lorna Richards, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Woking and Life Works, provides tips and advice for people living with an eating disorder during the COVID-19 outbreak. Priory is still able to provide both outpatient and inpatient support for those with eating disorders during this time.

Managing anxiety and panic attacks during COVID-19

Dr Oluwagbenga Odeyemi, Consultant Psychiatrist from Priory Hospital Woodbourne, discusses anxiety and panic attacks and provides advice to people who may be experiencing symptoms exacerbated by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Managing and understanding PTSD in the context of COVID-19

Dr Radu Iosub, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Bristol, offers practical advice and support for managing feelings of grief during 'lockdown'. He explains the links between this and PTSD and talks about the different help available for those who may have suffered loss during this very difficult time.

Support for expats during 'lockdown'

Dr Paul McLaren, Medical Director at Priory Hospital Hayes Grove, discusses the issues expats may be facing during the COVID-19 outbreak. He offers his support for those very far away from home, who may be feeling more isolated than most, and offers practical tips on how to look after mental wellbeing during this difficult time.

Advice to help families cope during COVID-19

Lopa Vibhakar, Systemic Family and Couple Psychotherapist at Priory, provides advice to help families cope during the COVID-19 outbreak.

7 top tips to help couples cope during COVID-19

Lopa Vibhakar also shares her 7 top tips to help couples cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Advice to help with 'return to work anxiety'

Dr Renju Joseph talks about 'return to work' anxiety and how many people may be left anxious about their changing work situation and settings as our country starts to loosen COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Further advice and support for you during the coronavirus outbreak

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