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Last updated: Wednesday 2nd February 2022

We continue to review and respond to all national guidance, statements and requirements related to Covid-19.

Message from our Director of Nursing & Executive Lead for Infection, Prevention and Control

We continue to ensure that all of our services are meeting the requirements to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We are pleased with the high response rate to the Covid-19 vaccination and vaccine booster programme across our services (our colleagues, residents and patients) in accordance with the National Vaccine Programme and relevant legislation. We are committed to making sure that everyone eligible to receive the vaccine and the booster is facilitated to do so. Similarly, we remain committed to maintaining vigilance and high standards in respect of hygiene, cleanliness and the use of personal protective equipment, as we know these actions are essential in keeping people safe and well.

We continue to work to the relevant current national infection prevention and control guidance, alongside restrictions that are in place to manage outbreaks as determined by the Government and local authorities. Our colleagues, residents and patients all have access to testing. Our operational divisions have arrangements in place on visiting and leave arrangements. If you have particular questions about the visiting arrangements for your relative / friend please contact the relevant home or hospital – our staff will be pleased to assist.

Kind regards,

Colin Quick
Director of Nursing & Executive Lead for Infection, Prevention and Control

Message from our Chief Executive Officer

Our absolute priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our patients, residents and staff and for this reason we continue to take a cautious approach.

We continue to facilitate visits to our patients in accordance with current national guidance on hospital visiting. Please discuss visiting arrangements with the service supporting your relative or friend. Similarly we take a careful approach to facilitating home leave and we ask that leave arrangements are discussed with the service supporting your relative or friend.

We continue to make sure that our patients and colleagues are able to access the Covid-19 vaccine and the booster. If you have any concerns about this, please contact the ward or service that is supporting your loved one.

The hard work and care taken by our colleagues, patients and visitors in adhering to the requirements and standards that are in place has meant that we have been able to minimise the harmful impact of the virus.

Kind regards,

Rebekah Cresswell
Chief Executive Officer

Information on visiting   

We are following the current national guidance on visiting and home leave. In certain situations individual arrangements may be required - please discuss visiting and leave with the service supporting your relative or friend.


We continue to admit inpatients to our hospitals in accordance with our usual referral practices and the additional requirements made necessary by the current Covid-19 position. We are committed to working closely with our commissioners in ensuring that potential patients have access to the treatment that they require, as close to home as possible.

We understand that local Trusts may continue to require additional resource in order to free up capacity within their own locality. We will continue to be flexible to support the needs of all local commissioning systems wherever possible.


Where a decision has been made to admit a patient, a thorough pre-admission checklist, which will include a robust risk assessment, will be completed. The checklist will take into consideration all relevant factors, such as the location the patient is coming from, their current health, potential exposure to Covid-19 and the status of the Priory service into which they will be admitted. All risk assessments will be signed off by a member of the senior leadership team.

All of our patients are tested on admission and the results will inform whether a self-isolation period is required. We do this in accordance with the advice from Public Health England and other similar organisations.

In the event of a patient being referred who is self-isolating, or is confirmed as having Covid-19, we will continue to process this request as usual and aim to offer a placement, once it has been agreed that the person is well enough to move location.

Patient discharges

It is important to us that Priory is able to continue to support patients, their carers / families and referrers during this time, and we commit to do all we can to ensure risks are managed and monitored, whilst continuing to facilitate placements, where all parties deem it safe.

Support for families and carers

This continues to be a time of concern for our patients and their families. We have increased the availability of additional means of communication for sites while visiting is affected, and have increased communication generally during this challenging time. Remote advocacy for patients is available where we are unable to offer face-to-face contact, and all our staff remain dedicated to supporting families in achieving clear lines of communication.

What happens if patients present with symptoms?

We have access to testing for patients and staff. This allows us to obtain a rapid result for suspected cases and to monitor and control and minimise the impact of the virus on our wards and across our hospitals. This means we can reduce cases and, where possible, keep restrictive protocols such as isolation focused on Covid-19 cases, whilst protecting those not infected. If a patient develops symptoms, in addition to prompt testing, they are monitored with a medical check-up, regular National Early Warning Score (NEWS) monitoring and supportive interventions, including analgesia and access to emergency services if there is any concern relating to the person’s health.

Outpatient therapy

We continue to offer a range of options for outpatient therapy that includes face-to-face appointments and digital therapy via a secure video link. We can offer both individual and group based treatments via video link and these have been well received by patients.

Free addiction assessments

Free addiction assessments will be undertaken via telephone or Skype to support individuals wanting to access our hospital addiction treatment services.

Advice and support for mental wellbeing

We have worked with some of our consultants and therapists to develop a series of videos, where they offer some practical advice on how to support your mental wellbeing across a range of conditions during this period.

For more information about coronavirus please visit the NHS Coronavirus page.

If you have any suggestions or comments on how we are providing our services during the pandemic, please contact:

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