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Early intervention and addiction – working to minimise societal impacts

Reviewed by Derek Hart, Addiction Treatment Programme Lead Therapist, Priory Hospital Bristol

Day care addiction programmes are ideal for those who may feel they are not quite ready to enter into inpatient treatment for their condition, or for those seeking more flexible help and support. Day care programmes can facilitate earlier intervention, enabling people to seek help sooner than they would have done if they had chosen to ‘wait until they felt ready’ for residential inpatient treatment. People may find that, as part of their wider recovery journey, they will still require residential treatment, however day care can improve readiness for such programmes, as well as provide continuing, step- down care after inpatient treatment, if required.

Early intervention for people with an addiction, whether the vice be substance or behavioural, can help to address the root cause of addiction sooner and help people to learn new, healthier behaviours and enjoy their life again.

Priory Hospital Bristol launched its new day care Addiction Treatment Programme in July (2018). As part of the Priory Group, Bristol is able to access a wider network of care, including integrating with the detox programme and inpatient treatment at other hospitals, if that is required.

Our day care programme offers:

  • Proven group therapies, including relapse prevention and supportive psychotherapy
  • A family support programme
  • An aftercare programme

Bristol developed the day care programme to specifically address the needs of the local community.

The area’s current population, which is set to increase by 20% in the next 25 years, to more than 550, 000, is more likely to be admitted to hospital due to alcohol-related reasons, based on the country’s average. Bristol also has a higher than average rate of alcohol-related deaths (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment report, 2016).

Of the current population, “20.3% drink at increasing levels that risk harm in the long term”, and “7.5% drink at higher risk levels that harm themselves and others”, according to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment report published by the Bristol City Council, which details the region’s health and wellbeing trends (2016 - 2017). According to the same report, Bristol also has the highest rate of opiate use out of Britain’s core cities*.

There is clearly a need for addiction treatment in the area, and hopefully our service will help to ease the burden on GPs, offering a reliable programme to refer patients into. Bristol’s programme focuses on early intervention and aims to work with the wider community to provide people with quick and easy access to treatment. We strive to be a part of the wider effort to ease the long-term individual, familial, and societal impacts of addiction in the greater Bristol area.

Bristol isn’t unique though, many of our major cities are being increasingly impacted by addiction (ONS, 2016) and Priory has a number of private hospitals and wellbeing centres throughout the UK to help address the addiction burden, which impacts not only the addict, but their family, friends, community and also health care professionals, in what can sometimes be seen as a ‘revolving door’ issue. Addiction programmes can help stop this behaviour reoccurring, significantly improving the quality of life of the patient and their dependants.

To find out more about Priory Hospital Bristol’s new day care Addiction Treatment Programme, or to make a referral, email or call our enquiry centre on 0800 090 1354.


*The JSNA report defines Britain’s core cities as Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham.

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