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How damaging is smartphone addiction?

Dr Niall Campbell, Consultant Psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Roehampton, appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to discuss smartphone addiction.

His appearance followed a new study by the University of Derby, which found that smartphones really are addictive and the more you use one, the worse it gets. According to the study, moodiness, loneliness and jealousy were all key indicators of smartphone addiction. The study’s authors said that narcissism - defined as excessive interest or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance - was the most common and obvious indication of the addiction. An obsession with taking ‘selfies’ and posting them on social media could be a warning sign that you need to think about your smartphone use.

The facts

  • The study found that 13% of 256 participants were addicts
  • The average age of those who took part in the online survey was 29
  • The average user spent 3.6 hours per day on the device
  • 35% of participants stated that they used their phones in banned areas
  • 87% of participants used social networking sites  - the most popular apps
  • 52% used instant messaging apps
  • 51% used news apps

The research follows recent Priory Group news from Consultant, Dr Alex Yellowlees, of Priory Hospital Glasgow identifying how the rise in ‘selfie taking’ and body checking via images taken and shared on phones was fuelling eating disorders.

Dr Campbell stated: “I was pleased to take the opportunity to pick up on the interesting Derby University research and tie it in with my Priory Roehampton experience about phone addiction.”    

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