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How secondary addiction care services support recovery

For some people, the thought of returning back home after their 28-day Addiction Treatment Programme is daunting. Returning home means facing issues that may have led to their addiction in the first place. For those who require continued support to ease them back into their ‘outside lives’, secondary addiction care services can help them to navigate this transition, so that they feel as prepared and supported as possible before heading home. 

This year, Priory has opened their first secondary addiction care service, The Elphis, located in Mill Hill, North London.

Treatment at The Elphis includes a blend of ongoing therapy, provided alongside a structured programme, aiming to encourage a gradual introduction to life in recovery and to manage the temptation to return to addictive behaviours. This is delivered in a safe and comfortable environment.

The philosophy of our programme

The programme uses an eclectic approach, introducing elements from a variety of ideologies, underlining the vital importance of self-help fellowships such as:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Overeaters Anonymous

The 12-Step philosophy, which is used by these fellowships, underpins our approach to an abstinent lifestyle.

Most people who have been involved in addiction in a dangerous and uncontrolled way, have a lot of negative feelings about themselves. Secondary addiction care complements the learnings from primary treatment regarding thoughts, feelings and behaviours, using similar tools such as group and one-to-one therapy, whilst engaging in everyday life.

The programme helps to create an atmosphere of trust and belonging within which people can begin to be honest with themselves and others.

Education is another major component of work. There are a large number of interactive talks designed to increase understanding of the nature of the addictive condition and the changes that will be required to be made in people’s lives in order to thrive ‘on the outside’. 

Through increasing understanding and openness comes the ability to be honest, and with that comes the possibility of a wholesome recovery. Greater interaction with family and society is encouraged to help with the transition back into work, education and being part of a social network, whether that network is comprised of family or friends. With this comes the freedom and ability to make choices with greater awareness.

The Elphis journey


Residents attending The Elphis will have a referral handover by their primary treatment centre. Residents will then attend a one-day assessment where they will join groups and meet their peers and the team. During this time, any risks will be assessed.

What do we offer on the programme at The Elphis?

We ensure that each resident receives an individual care plan contained within the framework of the community setting. 

One-to-one therapy

One-to-one therapy is an integral part of treatment, enabling individuals to develop their own recovery plan with the help of their focal therapist.

Group therapy

Group work will consist of a variety of different therapies and the development of life skills, leading to a healthier and more fulfilled life. Sessions include:

  • Cross-addiction
  • Relapse prevention
  • Lectures
  • Assignment groups such as step work
  • Alternative therapies, which may include equine therapy and acupuncture. Also included are yoga, mindfulness, meditation and light exercise

Life skills

During a stay at The Elphis, residents will be supported in life skills, which can include:

  • CV writing
  • Food preparation and food hygiene
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Budgeting
  • Back to work or back to education planning
  • Communication skills

We provide a high quality aftercare programme (for 12 months post discharge) designed to help maintain changes initiated during the primary addiction treatment. Furthermore, regular support groups for family and friends mean that we also provide help and support to the people who are close to the resident and may have also suffered the negative consequences of addiction.

Residents will be able to make use of local facilities, such as a GP, gym, library, voluntary organisations and fellowship meetings.

Seeing other professionals while at The Elphis

Those coming to The Elphis will do so under the premise that this is the next phase of recovery, and will therefore be discharged from primary treatment and their consultants. There will be circumstances in which residents will choose to continue with their consultant when required and appropriate, and they will be supported by the team to do so. Residents who have a therapist who they wish to continue their sessions with, can also be supported to do this. 

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