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Luke Sutton reunites with his Priory therapist to discuss addiction, rehab and life in recovery

Eight years ago, sports agent and Lancashire and Derbyshire cricketer, Luke Sutton, attended the 28-day Addiction Treatment Programme at Priory Hospital Altrincham. He was recently reunited with his addictions therapist, Samantha Strickland, who formed part of the team who supported him. 

Watch the video to see the pair reunite and talk through Luke’s addiction, the time he spent in the Priory rehabilitation centre and his life in recovery.

Watch our extended cut

In our extended cut of the video, you can find out more about Luke’s recovery journey.

He talks in more detail about the moment he decided that he needed help, and how his time at Priory Hospital Altrincham gave him a sense of belonging and the opportunity to be honest with himself. He also discusses the impact that recovery has had on him and the family and friends surrounding him. "Life is beautiful" once again.

Find out more about our rehabilitation centres

Priory rehabilitation centres can be found throughout the UK. At our centres, we provide residential treatment programmes for all forms of addictions, including those related to alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Our residential treatment programmes give people the time and space that they need to understand their addiction and start their recovery. Through group and one-to-one therapies, seminars, workshops and key individual working time, they learn more about the causes and effects of their addiction, and develop strategies for recovery going forward.

Day care and outpatient treatment programmes are also available if needed.

All our centres have aftercare programmes for people who finish residential treatment, so that they are supported as they start to pick up their life and their responsibilities. As we understand the impact addiction can have on the family, family support groups are also available to help people learn more about addiction, get much-needed advice and support from specialists and peers, as well as help to prepare for life following on from the residential programme.

If you would like to find out more about our rehabilitation centres, please make an enquiry. All of our centres offer free addiction assessments where you have the opportunity to visit your closest site and meet with the team.* During this, the team will work with you to determine the best form of treatment so that you can take the right step forward. 

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