Mental health blog articles


PTSD nightmares: causes, duration and management

PTSD nightmares: understanding the link between PTSD and sleep, and how to find relief.


Anxiety-related high blood pressure

How blood pressure can lead to anxiety, and what you can do to tackle it.


Smiling depression: meaning, symptoms and treatment

Just because someone appears happy on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling. Here, we explore why.


ADHD and alcohol: effects and signs of abuse

Explore the impact of alcohol on ADHD, learn whether alcohol makes ADHD symptoms worse, and understand how ADHD medication and alcohol interact.


CPSTD vs PTSD: definitions, similarities and differences

Find out about the differences and similarities of PTSD and CPTSD, as well as what effective treatment for these mental health conditions looks like.


The signs and symptoms of work related stress

Recognising when work is damaging your mental health, and what you can do to deal with stress in the workplace.


The difference between anxiety and depression

Anxiety vs depression: how anxiety and depression overlap in their symptoms, causes and effective coping strategies.


Perspectives: a new panel show from Priory

Priory is excited to launch Perspectives, a new series of panel discussions on the biggest topics in mental health and addictions.


Eustress vs distress: types of stressors explained

The differences between positive and negative stress, including real-world examples of each.


Explaining why you can feel anxious for no reason

Feeling a rush of anxiety and don’t know why? We explore possible explanations and how you can recognise your anxiety triggers.


Depression and brain fog

Exploring the connection between depression and brain fog: the impact it can have and how you can cope with it.


Is depression a genetic disorder?

Discussing the genetic aspects of depression, including whether it runs in the family.

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