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National accreditation for Woodbourne Priory Hospital

Priory Hospital Woodbourne has been accredited by the Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS (QNIC).

The network aims to demonstrate and improve the quality of inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric care through a system of review against QNIC service standards. QNIC was developed from the National Inpatient Child and Adolescent Study in 2001 and is verified by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The criteria audited for the review included environment and facilities, access, admission and discharge, care and treatment, information consent and confidentiality, rights and safeguarding, clinical governance and location within a public health context, and commissioning. In addition, online questionnaires were submitted to the Royal College of Psychiatrists completed by parents and carers, external commissioners, referrers, staff and patients.

The accreditation is valid for three years but will be reviewed during this period to ensure that the level of quality of the service is maintained.

Priory Hospital Woodbourne offers treatment for children and adolescents from 5 to 17 years. This includes adolescents suffering from a wide range of mental health, emotional and behavioural problems such as depression, trauma, schizophrenia, anxiety, self-harm, conduct disorders and autistic spectrum disorders.

Priory Group is the UK's leading independent provider of acute mental health services, secure and step-down services, specialist education, complex care and neurorehabilitation services, working in partnership with the public and independent sectors.

Liam Jennings, Hospital Director at the Priory Hospital Woodbourne said: "This is testament to the quality of the care and treatment offered to patients at the Mulberry Unit. This accreditation is a national recognition of the quality of care that Priory Group provides for its patients. The process of self and external review leading to this achievement has enabled us to further improve the consistency and quality of our services."

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