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Perspectives, a series of panel discussions on the biggest topics in mental health and addictions, releases quarterly on the Priory Youtube channel.

Featuring a range of experts in psychiatry, therapy and treating of a range of conditions related to mental health and addictions, each episode gives incredible insights into how we can all mange our mental health in the modern world.

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Perspectives Ep 3: Exploring women's mental health

Almost one in five women experience symptoms of a common mental health disorder. What factors are driving these issues in women, and what can we do to offer them more effective support? All that is explored with our panel in episode 3.

On the panel:

  • Dr Samir Shah - Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Debbie Longsdale - Therapy Services Director
  • Dr Victoria Chamorro - Consultant Psychiatrist 

Perspectives Ep 2: What is catastrophising and how do we stop?

Episode 2 focuses in on catastrophising. In an increasingly uncertain world, how do we stay positive and build a resilient state of wellbeing in the face of climate anxiety, the rise of AI and the negative news cycle?  

On the panel:

Perspectives Ep 1: staying sober (or cutting down) over winter

In the first episode, which is out now, we take on the matter of staying sober (or cutting down) over winter. 

On the panel:

Watch the first episode of Perspectives on the Priory YouTube channel, and subscribe for more mental health-related content from us.

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