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Priory expert praises Soap mental illness storylines

Priory experts have praised several soaps including Emmerdale, Eastenders and Coronation Street for their credible mental health storylines that may change attitudes towards mental illness.

Emmerdale producers have won praise for tackling mental health issues in a current storyline featuring one of the soap's major characters, Zak Dingle. Since Zak Dingle violently attacked his own son, the programme has seen him drinking heavily and suffering from anxiety attacks. The last few weeks have seen his condition become more and more concerning. Not being able to come to terms with his obvious mental decline, Zak tried to put his health concerns down to the return of his testicular cancer. His family are also finding it difficult to come to terms with his mental illness.

In another soap, Eastenders' teen Lauren Branning, is involved in a binge-drinking storyline during which she has put both her health and her personal safety at risk.

Coronation Street has also recently highlighted the very difficult subject of early onset dementia in its storyline surrounding Eileen Grimshaw and her relationship with fireman Paul Kershaw and his wife Lesley. Weatherfield is already home to alcoholic Peter Barlow and viewers are currently engrossed in Karl Munro's battle against gambling, which has seen him run up huge debts and enrage partner Stella, landlady of the Rovers Return. Spoilers have also hinted that young Sophie Webster will become embroiled in the murky world of drugs.

According to the Office for National Statistics, around one in four people will experience mental health problems. However, there is still a lack of knowledge and a certain amount of fear and discrimination where mental illness is concerned.

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