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Priory Hospital Glasgow teams up with Dublin clinic

Priory Hospital Glasgow has entered into an exciting partnership to enable patients from the Goldsmith Clinic in Stillorgan, Dublin to benefit from inpatient care for a range of acute mental health conditions.

Goldsmith Clinic patients who require a residential inpatient stay will be able to take advantage of Priory Hospital Glasgow’s psychological expertise and record for delivering positive and measurable outcomes while following an integrated care pathway. The Goldsmith clinical team will remain in contact with the patient during their hospital stay; together the clinic and the hospital operate a multi-disciplinary team approach, enabling the patient to continue their care package in the Goldsmith Clinic upon discharge from Priory.

Priory Hospital Glasgow has nearly 20 years' experience of caring for patients with a wide range of mental health issues including:

Graeme Weymes, Hospital Director at Priory Hospital Glasgow, said: “This innovative partnership will enable the excellent clinical team at the Goldsmith Clinic to refer patients who would benefit from inpatient care to Priory Hospital Glasgow. Transfer to the hospital will be seamless with patients transported to the hospital on arrival in Scotland.

"This unique agreement will allow patients from the Republic of Ireland to benefit from the expertise of two highly respected care providers and offer a seamless care pathway between day and residential inpatient care."

Teresa Moorhead, Director of Clinical Services at the Goldsmith Clinic said: “The Goldsmith Clinic is proud to be working with Priory Hospital Glasgow to offer a full care package to patients with a range of acute mental health conditions.

"The partnership will enhance the services the Goldsmith Clinic currently provides to patients with a residential option for those individuals needing specific inpatient support and care.”

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