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Priory launches a new secondary addiction care service

Priory Group has launched a new secondary addiction care facility in London for patients recovering from addiction.

The service – a 16-bed facility called The Elphis in Mill Hill, North London - will admit its first residents in the autumn, and is the first longer term residential-type facility of its kind opened by the mental healthcare group.

The Elphis will offer extended help to those who have already attended 28-day Addiction Therapy Programmes, and residents can stay for several months working towards a life free of dependency.

The importance of secondary addiction care

Secondary care* for addiction is an important option for those who feel they need more time and support to ensure their recovery is sustainable.

Experts say that for some people, graduating from rehab can be a very vulnerable time and a stay in secondary treatment can be the best way of overcoming these difficulties and reintegrating with normal life.

The new service comes amid an increasing need for residential rehabilitation. In England, there are an estimated 595,131 dependent drinkers, of whom only 108,696 are currently accessing treatment.

Yet alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for death, ill-health and disability among 15-49 year-olds in the UK, and the fifth biggest risk factor across all ages. Alcohol harms are estimated to cost the NHS around £3.5 billion annually, and cause significant damage across people’s work and personal relationships.

Addiction care programmes available at The Elphis

Typically, hospital rehab programmes run for around 28 days, although the precise length of treatment is influenced by the severity of the condition.

While an initial residential addiction treatment programme helps individuals address their addiction and acquire effective life skills for the future, others benefit from ongoing support once they have completed their programme, to help them live their life in recovery.

At The Elphis, they will receive additional – group and individual - therapy while focusing on rebuilding life skills, including managing finances and re-learning daily skills such as cooking. The service offers a combined range of treatments, honed into an individualised programme.

Therapy programmes at The Elphis will typically last at least three months, depending on individual needs, and combine elements of the initial treatment plan while focusing on trigger points, such as complex relationships, trauma, anger management and any cross-addictions.

A major part of addiction recovery is developing a strong support network of family and friends. Family days are integrated into the treatment plan to help address any wider negative issues that have arisen in the family due to addiction. Regular family days involve group therapy sessions, workshops and lectures to help rebuild relationships. 

Patients will also spend time identifying their hopes for the future with free periods set aside for CV development, interview skills, voluntary work, education and building a return to work plan.

Sylvia Tang, CEO of Priory Healthcare, said; “We are delighted to open The Elphis in North London. There is a real need for secondary addiction services for patients who feel that they need more support to help their transition back to normal life, and who worry about the dangers of relapse. We want to help those in their quest to obtain long-term sobriety and a life free of dependency.”

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