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The Priory Group, the leading provider of mental health treatment in the UK, has invested £120,000 in its wellbeing centre in Canterbury, Kent, to better cater for hundreds of patients across the South East.

Priory Wellbeing Centres are a new initiative by Priory Group to provide greater access to treatment for conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression and addictions. The Group recently opened Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch Street in the heart of the City of London for stressed city workers.

The wellbeing centre in Broad Street, Canterbury, which has been fully refurbished to enhance the experience of patients with mental health issues, responds to growing demand by patients for more – and better - mental health services at the heart of the cathedral city. The clinic sees more than 300 new patients a year from across a wide sweep of the county of Kent and beyond.

Assessments of children

It employs five consultant psychiatrists, as well as clinical psychologists and therapists, who have expertise in treating a wide variety of conditions including stress, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic attacks and bereavement issues. It also provides assessments of children for autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Deon Van Zyl, a consultant clinical psychologist at Priory Wellbeing Centre Canterbury, said: “Over the past 12 years, we have continuously expanded and improved our service to meet the needs of the local population. There has been an increasing demand for psychological and therapeutic support across the lifespan. Canterbury is a university town, which is home to a diverse population including many professionals. 

“Adults are increasingly seeking support for stress-related conditions due to greater work and financial pressures. In addition, there is now greater awareness of the benefits of psychological therapy in addressing traumatic experiences. There is also an increasing proportion of the older adult population trying to cope with dementia.

“The most important ingredients in addressing such difficulties effectively are the timely provision of high quality and consistent evidence-based treatment, which we aim to offer here.

“Referrals for children and adolescents have increased significantly. This may, in part, be due to greater pressures facing this age group, such as higher expectations, social isolation, academic and peer pressure as well as the advent of social media. There is now, fortunately, also increased awareness about mental health issues, which means families are more likely to seek help.”

Nikki Brice, manager of Priory Wellbeing Centre Canterbury, said: “There is significant – and growing – unmet demand for mental health services in Canterbury due to the fast paced and high pressure environment, and we can offer consistent, high quality treatment. We offer a confidential and discreet service where busy people can get an appointment quickly and at a time to suit them.

Stress, anxiety and depression are not new issues, but they are on the rise. Serious mental health issues lead to people taking time off work or school, and often more serious problems later on. We want to treat these conditions early, so people can be helped before their condition deteriorates.”

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